I am a 3D Animation, Visual Effects & Compositing Artist and would like to be considered for a position with the Visual Effects Studio to contribute, participate, design, develop and deliver Feature Visual Effects & Technical Direction.

I can offer a modularly integrative and structured 3D Modeling, Animation, VFX & Compositing Workstation functioning at feature level to a studio production pipeline.  My foundation is built upon feature production architecture including concept, production design, file convention/cvs, layout, animatic, render farm and supervised delivery in a dynamically directed high frequency multi-production environment.  My production design implements a experienced animation technique with particle systems sculpture, dynamics, deformers, volumetrics, scripting and compositing chemistry. My delivery is designed to be industrialized, conventionalized, networked and supervised to feature quality multi-production standards and studio regulations.

My work teaching Visual Effects Animation at the Academy of Art has given me experience in designing, directing and developing group projects, architecting production pipelines, maintaining timelines and inspiring the best possible work from my students.  As the VFX Instructor I was responsible for solving all questions, developing techniques for learning and providing the knowledge, guidance and inspiration necessary for young creative directors.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my portfolio materials in application and contact me if there are any available opportunities or interviews with the Production Department.  For future reference and inquiry please save and cue my application for new opportunities.